Common Water Problems

Private water sources, such as wells, often have common problems such as iron deposits, turbidity, bad taste & odor, and acidity. Let's look at what all of that means.

Overview of common water problems


Acidic water, or water with a low pH, can cause a reaction with copper pipes that results in degradation of pipes, blue-green staining on plumbing fixtures or tint in the water.


The higher the turbidity of your water, the cloudier it looks due to suspended solids in the water. This is common in private wells or after water main breaks in aging municipal systems.

Bad Taste & Odor

  • Earthy, musty, swampy or organic odors or tastes often caused by decaying vegetation in surface water
  • Chlorine and Chloramine odor and taste often found in municipal water supplies
  • Rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulphide)

Iron Deposits

  • Stains plumbing fixtures
  • Stains laundry
  • Metallic taste
  • Musty odor

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